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                             Update Your Screen Enclosures with Our Screen & Door Repairs 

Receive expert screen repair and re-screening as well as storm-proofing and gutter installation services from our company serving you in Sarasota and Charlotte counties. All About Aluminum & Screen offers all types of screen services to repair and further enhance screen enclosures. From repairing screen and glass doors to installing pet doors, we do it all. Contact us for further information about our services.

Our services include: Southwest Florida's Premier Screen and Aluminum Company. With over 25 Years of metal and screen experience we specialize in re-screening and repair of all aluminum products as well as Super-gutter retro-fitting. All About Aluminum has a full list of services available such as:

  • Re-screening and repair of pools patio enclosures
  • New Screen Enclosures and Florida Rooms
  • Super-gutter retrofitting
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Super gutters & Downspouts
  • Sliding screen door replacement and repair (including wheel replacement)
  • Window screen replacement and repair
  • Kick-plates and Union-jack
  • Pet door cut-ins
  • Florida glass and pet screen
  • Tear-outs including hauling away
  • We can also bring your enclosure up to current standards to help prevent storm damage

Screen Door Repairs
Have your screen or repaired properly when you choose our screen and door repair services. Should your doors be beyond repair, we will replace your sliding screen. Also, it is common for the wheels on these doors to corrode away before the doors. If this happens, we replace wheels so the door will roll freely on the tracks before any damage is done to the door.

Gutter Installation Services

  Receive expert super gutter installation services from our company. We offer extruded gutters in 5-inch and 7-inch sizes that support the weight of screen enclosures.

We modify the enclosure to fit a super gutter to the fascia boards of the house. Once the super gutter is attached to the fascia board, we re-attach the enclosure to the gutter. This keeps moisture off of the house keeping the moisture from rotting out the fascia.


Porch Screen, Screen and Door Repairs in North Port, FL

Ensure your enclosure is safe against high winds by having it storm-proofed. To storm-proof your enclosure, we add permanent bracing to the structure. This includes adding bracing that allows you to hook up a few attachments in the event a storm is closing in. On average, you will have to hook up 12 points to the bracing so your enclosure does not get damaged during a storm.

Pet Doors
Do you want to add a pet door on your screen enclosure? We modify all types of enclosures to accommodate your pet. This way your pet, whether it is as small as a cat or a large dog, can fit through the door.

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our gutter installation or screen and door repairs.